Who we are?

Ajadzone Company was founded in the beginning of 2016 after a cooperation with an expert team of programmers in building websites.

In Ajadzone we have the ability to invent & develop the idea to create a revolutionary ideas in Jerusalem to let people in Jerusalem stands up and open a big door to the global world market , so the talented people can have a free platform to sell their products.

The Idea & main objects for Ajadzone

In the shadows of Dystopia that surrounds us in Jerusalem from every side, an idea was shined to target the global market through a modern & trendy tools, to have a faster contact with customers , we create an e-commerce website to market all the hand made products in all over the world.

Buy from Ajadzone, Support the Jerusalmites

The co-workers in Ajadzone are providing a username & password for all the craft talents workers , so they can insert their own products and sell it through our website with no fee.

When you visit our website, you will notice the easiness for use, the faster checkout ever.

Support the Jerusalmite Handmade!

Ajadzone is the first store to provide

a free platform for handmade works!

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